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AdAway v3.2 Apk is Available !

Stop displaying ads on Android with AdAway

To avoid display advertising programs

Can be installed on rooted phones

One of the problems that users face a lot of annoying ads that exist in different applications. When you have non-free program you download the free version, there are usually ads that annoy users. But AdAway program allows you to remove such advertising so that you do not see these ads inside applications.

The app uses the Android file hosts. When the program have the intention to request internal advertising, these ads are sent to the address will not be practically nothing and therefore you will not be seeing annoying ads.



After installing the app to enable root access to the program and then click Download file and apply ad blocking to pick up and then download the list of ads blocked.

Note: This application has access to it is only on rooted phones. So you have to use this program and for those that can block annoying ads on websites, to install it on your phone will be rooted and practically any attempt to install it on rooted phones are, it will be useless!


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