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AdClear v6.0.0.502659 Apk is Available !

The newest version of Android Seven AdClear

Powerful work of programmers and developers worldwide XDA forum
No need to root the Android phone

Software AdClear As the name implies quite an app to remove the ads on Android phones it also has interesting features is no need to root!

This software is capable of ads before you surround Android browser or an app you hurt in the block. It provides fast and secure VPN connectivity to servers, all of the annoying ads and also leads to increasing security of web applications and more. All users are advised to install this program.



  • Remove Ads encrypted
  • Secure VPN connection
  • High performance wireless connectivity with both mobile Internet
  • Ability to remove ads in apps
  • The ability to customize level application function
  • No need to root the phone
  • Registration software function blocks History
  • Ability to save battery and the Internet to remove ads
  • The ability to increase the speed of loading web pages to remove ads
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