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AirDroid: Remote access and File v4.1.1.2 Apk is Available !

If you have Internet access, in addition to ordinary tasks like managing messages, files, applications, and will have a special feature. This feature displays the phone’s location on a map on a computer screen. This means that if your phone is lost or stolen, you can not find the vehicle’s exact location. If the computer and the phone into a wireless network (Wi-Fi), the network used to transfer data between the phone and computer and Internet capacity was not used to it, so do not worry about Internet traffic.


  • Manage short messages, including read, write new messages and delete read messages
  • Management software for the phone, add software, uninstall the software, the software output format APK,
  • Music that can be used as alarm management
  • Manage the phone’s music format mp3, and in order to do all that has been said has been said
  • Manage the phone book as mentioned above, as well as create new groups and delete and edit existing groups
  • Access to the SD Card or Memory Stick device in perfect shape and with the possibility of full management,
  • Manage the photos and the phone features listed above
  • Take out the original phone software
  • Call Log allows you to view in 3 parts Missed, Outgoing, incomings and to store items or sending instant messages to them (exactly “like the phone)
  •   Clipboard readable memory device, that is what you have to copy the files on the phone and go through the application Mshahdst the Clipboard.
  • Displays battery level, signal strength, phone, and the phone’s internal and external memory

Method performances

To start with Airdroid must first install it on your phone. With the implementation of the program will have two options. If you choose the first option, you must create an account or if you’ve already created Airdroid site, enter specifications. Use the account to the fact that if the phone and computer are not on a network can easily be connected with a username and password.

By this feature is that you can not find your phone is lost or stolen. If you choose the second option, the Wi-Fi network to connect phones and computers will be used.

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