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Angry Birds Epic RPG v1.5.3 MOD Apk Data is Available !

Two different versions of the game Angry Birds Epic RPG

Charming two-dimensional gameplay in the genre of role-playing
The regular version + version mode
More than 50 million active installations on Google Play

For an amazing game with role-playing adventure weapons and spells (wherever necessary weapons in hand, they will be) ready to be filled. Play Angry Birds Epic RPG another version of the popular Angry Birds game series that, like his previous series have always attracted the attention of the audience and fans.

Game Angry Birds Knights scored 4.4 out of Google gained a good result for the game that counts. This version of Birds game series Byrdz its epic atmosphere, and you in the role of a brave warrior who will become epic for posterity, the play will pay!


Features :

  • Battle epic gameplay with memorable
  • Epic world: fantasy island swine, tribal villages, cold mountains to the coast and the mysterious caves
  • Epic characters: Play with characters Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes to face the king of pigs, pig wizard and …
  • Ability to upgrade armor, weapons and various potions to enhance the ability of epic characters
  • Amazing weapons such as wooden sword, frying pan galactic or other weapons of wood with a sponge attached to it
  • Comic characters and items such as hats and wooden swords and cactus …

About the game Angry Birds Epic

In this version of Angry Birds that apart from being fascinating series of highly entertaining gameplay and aesthetic benefit, gameplay is heavily infused with humor that makes you laugh and be happy! In this version you will be sent back to ancient times and in the role of brave warriors will fight with pigs bad sex. Shirts with your team to win all your conduct and outcome of the battle has become a monumental epic!


1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Snoutlings
3. Infinite Friendship

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