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Aqua Mail – email app Pro v1.9.1-370 Apk is Available !


  • Set up automatic e-mail service such as Google and Yahoo popular and …
  • Support for a large number of email services with standard protocols IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • Quick notification email upon receipt
  • Sync drafts, sent, and deleted messages. Email with other programs
  • Storage Enclosure memory
  • Email a counter widget and display it
  • Interaction with the app Tasker, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Light Flow, Cloud Print
  • Customize the Settings
  • Premium: Accounts more than two
  • Remove signature of emails
  • Expand the settings for each account

Many users of several different systems and email service so that they can cover their needs are forced to do so.

You may also be part of the same group of people and to cover all the things he had to use several different email services are different. But as you know, having multiple e-mail can also be difficult to manage.

When you have several different email you use to be able to work on all incoming emails and emails that you want to submit a complete management have certainly an issue that is very important is, is that a lot of time to spend. Fortunately, with the launch of e-mail management software is now also available for mobile phones, it allows you to have control over your emails and save your time.

Aqua Mail – email app one of these applications is in the field of email management. With this program you can email on a number of different e-mail services such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. have the same management.

In this application, as soon as you get new mail notifications in this case you will see a display that notifies you of new email to view and read. It also has a dedicated widget on the home screen that you can use to get instant access to Aqua Mail – email app in mind.

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