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ASTRO File Manager with Cloud PRO v4.9.1 Apk is Available !


  • Copy, delete, move, rename, etc. to files
  • Show files in your phone or memory for icons
  • Ability to show files as thumbnail
  • Ability to select several different files at the same time
  • Show hidden files with them again.
  • The scrolling in apps
  • Support for text files with the ability to edit and view them
  • Show image files of the program
  • Backing up the phone drains Information
  • Install or remove programs and group them
  • Close executable programs with a single click!
  • Quick search among files inside the phone
  • Support for compressed files with different formats
  • The ability to share different files via Bluetooth

ASTRO one of the oldest and best apps for Android file manager which can work on all files in your mobile phone to have for all aspects of management. If the screenshots that have prepared this application then, look, you will notice that a file management program is very different (visually) are encountered that can meet all your needs. The appearance of the file manager, a very beautifully designed and courage, we can say that all the files you’ve ever witnessed Mnyjrhayy, will be different.

It can do all the things normal Mnyjrhay file, you simply will not do. In addition, by ASTRO to manage and build the zip file on your mobile phone you have. The application of cloud services support, and you can upload files directly in various services such as Facebook, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox and share or upload.

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