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BattleHand v1.2.1 MOD Apk is Available !

And role-playing strategy game BattleHand

The regular version + version mode
Stunning three-dimensional graphics and animation
More than 1,000,000 active installs on Google Play

You’re going to war! BattleHand a new game in the style RPG that was released for Android devices. In this game you have allocated millions of players to team up with different characters and heroes and Mignon Amethyst defeat the evil queen who is required to do powerful attacks with an accuracy of. The game runs online and is composed of three-dimensional gameplay with role-playing strategy genre runs.
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Features :

  • Experience an amazing adventure in the style of strategy role-playing
  • Assemble and train heroes and legendary army to victory
  • Unlock and upgrade special moves unique to each hero
  • Challenging game mode the player against player
  • Collect, enhance the level and matched powerful cards in the course of gameplay
  • Adventure in the mysterious environments by discovering new location with strange creatures
  • Stunning three-dimensional graphics and animations with excellent combat tactics

About the game BattleHand

Bethel India BattleHand play here literally means you have to actually be called a set of cards that you’ll be familiar with the game and collect powerful Khvahydshan that play on collecting cards highly maneuverable and even the name of the game to why it was chosen.

Of course, the gameplay is much more than collect a number of cards. The story is about a queen dreaded that his spell is broken, and raised, who live with her again evil creatures that live in the underground world to the ground and have found the way to the border have been killed. But fortunately still remains some hope and old and forgotten heroes of this land that has been set aside his sword and John who are not ready to deal with this horrific creatures are to re-establish justice and to preserve their dignity !

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