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Bloons TD 5 v3.8.2 MOD Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Popular and famous style of Defense (Defense)
  • The gameplay is challenging and requires power strategy
  • The ability to use more than 21 defense (Tower Defense)
  • Ability to upgrade different parts for several steps
  • Usability of Special Agents
  • There are 10 stages in 10 different districts with their own features
  • Has a different enemy in poor to very dangerous levels
  • Ltd. has 3 types of fashion
  • The gameplay concept and applicable to all persons
  • Has an online section of the game for Co-op and Versus
  • Ability to use Facebook for online account

Game Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 th edition of the series Bloons Tower Defense Bloons TD or enterprise Ninja Kiwi Country New Zealand and is the company’s first official game of money. Earlier works like Ninja Kiwi game series SAS: Zombie Assault and Battle for the Galaxy was also produced. Game Bloons TD 5 should be the most evolved version of the series game Bloons TD’s.

This game has the same features as the popular original series, but with more functionality and more varied in meaning. The game has a fantasy world is colorful and cheerful. 4 Bloons TD 5 Unlike the previous version is not free and costs $ 2.99 on Google Play are sold. User comments represent Google Results popular game and the satisfaction of the users.

Although this version is not free, but in exchange sectors and facilities that makes Ninja Kiwi has added this game to anyone it deems appropriate. If you’re familiar with previous versions of the series will no doubt see different parts of the game Bloons TD 5 you will somewhat perplexed. Like its predecessor, the game Bloons TD 5, you appear in the role of monkeys hero and the enemies of the balloons (balloons) are!

You Bloons TD 5 in 10 steps against the balloons go. Your task is any way you can pass through and reach the end of the track to prevent bubbles. To do this you must use the regular troops of monkeys. How to play the apparently easy but in reality it is a huge challenge. Comfortable but how you play the game is very important. You must use the resources and coins that you purchase different monkeys and put them in sensitive areas.

For example, not all at one point closer to each other. The entire map is covered should you have to cross the balloon, monkeys that are in the path behind them to compensate pass. The more points you can earn money and unlock monkeys and various defense systems and benefit from them. You can also replace the use of new defense systems, systems Promote Your current. The balloons are not sitting idle! They are found in a variety of upgrades and you should never underestimate them.

One of the biggest changes compared to earlier versions of Bloons TD 5 is the addition of online play. In the section that works with a Facebook account can be viewed online at two Co-op and Versus play with other people online. Also, another section added to the Bloons TD 5 is the use of Special Agent. In addition, Bloons TD 5 Unlike earlier versions heavier and data.

 beautiful and very fun game Bloons TD 5 to users for download are prepared. Can now two versions of the game in normal mode (infinite money) along with the data file download. The game is tested by. You can also from the “View Video” Ltd. is the official game trailer to see the game in order to learn more about style.

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