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C Locker Pro v8.2.12 Apk is Available !


  • Has a different app widget for quick access
  • Receive notifications from Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp and …
  • Feed reader, such as news sites (CNN, BBC), battery information display
  • Events Calendar displays events
  • Ability to customize the lock screen full of different items
  • Has a volume control for track and manage them in the lock screen
  • Having more than 30 different programs Mybanr
  • Show missed calls, new SMS and Gmail notifications
  • The password to unlock the lock screen
  • The wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper Live for
  • Open Sounds and turn off the sounds screen

Page said that when the lock screen to unlock the phone, you’ll get it. This page allows you to customize apartments available using the various programs offered in the same field, you can customize your page and change what you’re looking for. One of these is C Locker lock screen on which you will have the possibility to change the page.

C Locker are numerous options by which you can customize this page to your perfectly tailored. Different widgets for easier and faster the user is placed in C Locker that can put them on the lock screen. The ability to display different notifications such as Facebook, Gmail, SMS, Miss Cal and placed in the lock screen, so if you get any of them without unlocking the screen you can see them.

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