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Call recorder Patched v3.2.4 Apk is Available !


♦ manage the recording during a call: Call recorder may program as one of the few well-known voice recording application that allows users to record during incoming or outgoing calls, can be managed. With this software, you can call when you’re recording sound when you stop recording it again while speaking, proceed.

♦ ability to record specific calls might interest you to know this software enables you to record only certain calls and other calls are not recorded! You can choose to call with less than N seconds are not recorded by the program. The recording is applied only to some audiences there as well. You can even record the operation Pause before you. Also, the elimination of quick calls are also recorded in this program.

♦ Simple control on record: custom widget for record, stop, Pasue handling, to continue and calls and record them. You can simply access the recorded files and play them back if desired or even remove them.

♦ ability to determine the quality of the files: With this program, in addition to this you can contact with one of the formats «amr», «mp4», «wav» record, as well as to determine call quality available for users has it.

Call recorder app you experience one of the best programs to give voice recorder. With this software lets you customize your call will be recorded and can only record calls that you want. You can whenever you want to listen to the recorded files or delete them. Ability to search the recorded files using your phone number in Call recorder there. The ability to apply general management on audio files recorded by this software there.

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