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Wheres My Droid Elite v6.1.3 Apk is Available !


Features : Find devices through to sound the alarm and vibrating find the device via GPS protect the program by password to prevent changes in the Settings app notification when you change the SIM card SMS Stealth Mode to hide the possibility of creating blacklist white to determine who is allowed to activate the application via SMS low battery consumption …

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Puffin Browser Pro v6.0.7.15747 Apk is Available !


Features : Use very little of your Internet bandwidth Support for Adobe Flash Fast loading pages, blogs and websites are incredible View web pages in the most beautiful way possible Having a simple and elegant user interface Open tab allows for unlimited View a list of the top sites for quick access Block floating ads sites Support camera and microphone …

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Freedom v1.6.7 Apk is Available !

Van messages and exhibited a show for you and you’re automatically entered into the software Fxguru. After entering the software to make sure you are connected to the passing of sanctions and Google Play Shaggy (mode) must be installed. Megapack choose the option. Messages purchase through Google Play at a price of $ 9 to see. Google Play mode is …

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Always On AMOLED v0.9.8.8 Apk is Available !

Features: Keeping the usual screen See notifications without touch screen Show the percentage of remaining battery Night mode automatically at night Lock your device when placed in the pocket There are different analog and digital clock Turn the page by double-clicking Allows you to customize the color, size, font, text light Always On AMOLED display software can sort your phone …

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Signal Strength Premium v17.0.6 Apk is Available !


Features: View the signal Ability to display speed Czech integrity of the phone Wi-Fi networking tools Support for Wi-Fi devices Signal widget Signal Strength Software is to increase signal strength and cell phone signals. The software also allows you to display the highest coverage is in there as well. With this app you can corner (place) that your phone will …

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Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords v5.0.8 Apk is Available !


Features: The latest popular songs published Ukulele and guitar chords, notes more than 400 thousand songs Chord diagrams with a finger Receive daily updates new Offline access to favorite tabs Quick Search by type, difficulty, efficiency and points Auto Scroll Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a program to simulate guitar that uses its Android phone will be able to …

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Aqua Mail – email app v1.8.2-208 Apk is Available !


Features: Popular email services such as Google and Yahoo automatic tuning and … Support for a large number of email services with standard protocols IMAP, POP3, SMTP Quick notification email upon receipt Sync drafts, sent, and deleted messages. Email with other programs Attached stored in memory Email counters with widgets and display them Interact with applications Tasker, Enhanced SMS & …

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Network Cell Info v3.34.1 Apk is Available !


Features: Czech Internet you in a state where the signal is strong or weak To check the efficiency of the Internet to your local network Czech out the neighboring cell signal strength in your area and they Internet support for 2G, 3G, 3G and … Czech SIM card and device Locate your cells in the map using the services of …

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Duolingo: Learn Languages v3.42.1 Apk is Available !


The newest version of Android damp Duolingo Duolingo program is a training program that you can use this app to fully learn other languages. With Duolingo a tutor to learn 10 different languages of the world have. The app on Google Play in 2013 and in 2014 won the best language program. Duolingo is defined on a different level that …

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Strelok v3.6.8 Apk is Available !


Features: Possible to calculate the astronomical network The movement of the calibration line Support of internal pressure and pressure gauge, a humidity sensor and temperature sensor Strelok plus provides the ability to perform ballistic calculations by mobile phone. The software is able to determine the trajectory of external factors such as wind and also is capable of. Download file  Download …

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