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Google Sheets v1.7.152.06 Apk is Available !


Features: Making spreadsheets and edit spreadsheets (Excel) made by any means Sharing spreadsheets and work with others in a similar time and spreadsheets Execute, edit and save files in Microsoft Office Excel Unable to save or end the task at any time without Internet The possibility of ordering to date basis, see table, enter the formula, use the search, placement …

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Hangouts v19.0.153636415 Apk is Available !

Features: Invite friends to join the group to 100 Sending photos, maps, emoji forms, Astkyr and … The ability to make video conferences up to 10 people Call any phone number worldwide Connect to your Google Voice account for phone number, SMS and voice mail In connection with the users operating system Android, IOS web and allows you to sync …

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Spotify Music v8.4.1.808 Apk is Available !


Features: Ability to listen to music on the phone at any time The ability to download music to the phone for offline Very high quality music player that amazes you Premium version with no annoying ads in apps Ability to remove the Spotify app whenever you want Those users who are interested in music and audio files are no doubt …

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Parallel Space-Multi Accounts v4.0.7989 Apk is Available !


Features: Login to multiple accounts on social networks, applications and games Your security protection that prohibits access other programs Build a custom space Switch between accounts by just pressing Power and high speed Operation is very simple and easy But the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts can solve this problem. With its help you can from all the apps, games and social …

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Glextor App Mgr and Organizer v5.8.0.395 Apk is Available !

Features: Ability to add a subfolder in the main folder Ruth tools (ability to remove and install programs faster and easier and possible to remove the phone system apps) Take a backup of History Automatic Updates backup version when the new version of the application is installed Hide Infinity PRO app version Customization system groups Organize apps: Glextor App Mgr …

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X-plore File Manager [Donate] v3.93.11 Apk is Available !


Features: Root access, FTP, Picasa, etc. View files and folders tree. Show hidden and system files and folders. View images and texts through Display detailed information about files Edit file properties (such as Hidden, Read-only) Delete and rename files Create and edit text files Create new folders Select multiple files or folders Copy or move files and folders Send files …

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