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DroidMote Server v3.8.7 Apk is Available !


Control your Android device from the comfort of your couch. This is the server part and can be installed on the Android device that you want to control. Moreover, with DroidMote, you can use multi touch applications and games, even on devices that do not have the touch screen (e.g. a TV!). The client is a free android application: “DroidMote …

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SuperSU Me Pro v9.8.2 Apk is Available !


SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future ; !!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!! SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools. Features include: – …

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Screen Stream Mirroring v2.3.2 Apk is Available !


Features: The ability to share the screen in a variety of different devices Support for phones, tablets, smart TVs and computers Ability to perform multi-system shared online games Watching online videos in several different systems When recording movies in mp4 format Share Screen Stream Mirroring enables you to completely Live screen and the sound is playing it with other devices …

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Button Savior (Root) PRO 2.4.0 Apk is Available !


Features: Surround mode and full screen mode to get rid of the navigation bar Ndrvyd PopControl to add the desired action in quick time Float for automatic control software buttons control the view with the stylus Samsung Icons floatable trigger Simulation keys “Home”, “Back”, “search”, “recent apps”, “turn off”, “Video” Ability to simulate camera key and press the handset Button …

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KingRoot v5.0.4 Apk is Available !


One of the most interesting things about Ruth mobile phone KingRoot program is that this software will do all the operations are routed automatically and you do not have to do anything. So KingRoot greatest chance for you to root your phone will. Installing Ruth King: Apk file that you’ve placed in the lower first download. File in the internal …

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Root Explorer v4.0.7 Apk is Available !


Features: Access to system files Select multiple files for different operations Compressed Zip files Find and open files in RAR (compressed with RAR format is not possible because of lack of consent of RARLab) Edit text files Script implementation of Find Files Change access files Show as list, detailed list and icon Show hidden files Root Explorer to manage files …

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Super-Sume Pro v9.7.2 Apk is Available !


You can say all those who have rooted their phone SuperSu are familiar with. SuperSu a complete and professional application for managing phone is rooted. This application allows you to access and manage all the apps installed on your phone rooted and can be useful to prevent many access problems. Notable Members Kingo Root: If after installing the app and …

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EX Kernel Manager v2.99 Apk is Available !


Features: The ability to control and change the core settings Ability to view and control of the consumer Displaying items related to CPU temperature, frequency, usage and … The ability to create or restore a backup kernel The possibility of voltage control Image Settings (Graphic): Max freq, min freq, governor Take control of color Sound (requires kernel support) Download file …

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