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Cold Launcher v8 Apk is Available !


Features: The ability to change the appearance looks new and different Freeze (disable) the application to consume less battery Decreasing the activity of hardware with freezing programs Ability to freeze all applications within a folder (Version Pro) Run the program automatically frozen after get out of this mode (Version Pro) Freeze feature phone system apps (version Pro) Changing the size …

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Nova Launcher Prime v5.1 Apk is Available !


Features: Increase the number of pages up to 9 home Screen your phone Support for other launchers themes icons Keep all your favorite apps on the dock Set the number of icons in length and width Add any number of custom widget to the dock 8 different effects on the home screen switching between pages Adjust the transparency of menu …

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Holo Launcher Plus v3.0.9 Apk is Available !

Features: Customize Desktop Boards ICS custom icons Ability to preview the desktop Backup and Restore shortcuts and general and shorts cards Settings such as enable or disable auto-rotate using ICS icons and default home button Increasing desktop pages to 9 screens with advanced editing each page Ability to change the display of software on every page with the option to …

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TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.8 Apk is Available !

Features: Home pages for the application icon and separate pages for widgets The possibility of increasing home screen pages to 13 pages Switch between home screen pages in a different way 11 different background to the application icon 6 different effects in two home screen to switch between pages Exclusive widget Music, Memo, Weather, Gallery 3 different animation Colud, Ghost …

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Total Launcher Premium v1.3.22 Apk is Available !


Total powerful launcher Launcher Total Launcher name launcher for Android phones which according to the manufacturer has a home page is very simple and the same thing with Lanchrhayy the home screen launcher busy they are confusing to users, is distinct. But this simply is not any way to the home screen launcher is beautiful. At the same time the …

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