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CCleaner Pro v1.17.66 Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Speed ​​up the phone and reduce battery consumption by eliminating unnecessary files
  • Ability to clean and remove apps and games and browser cache and history
  • Ability to delete Call Logs and SMS
  • Ability to install on smartphones and tablets
  • The ability to create more free space on your phone by removing unwanted files
  • Optimize your Android phone with just a click
  • Completely free and without a shred of ads
  • Czech feature the amount of RAM and CPU and battery temperature and report back to the user

Software CCleaner possible to delete redundant files without using the handset is capable of. This will ensure that your cell phone’s speed greatly increases. Clear Cache functionality of the applications, downloaded files, browser history, text stored in the clipboard memory, etc. is also provided to users in order to increase the speed of the program. CCleaner software allows you to clean up your call history and SMS as well.

CCleaner program is able to provide detailed information on the status of the occupied space in the phone’s memory and give it to you.

You can be one of the several programs that do not use them to delete. The ability to clean up space junk files and unused space of the handset is also included in this application.

Hardware monitoring and supervision on another CCleaner is a powerful application capabilities.

The software can display the amount of CPU that is used to give you. As well as the ability to monitor the amount of compression on the RAM device is also included in this program. On the other hand lets you monitor battery status such as the remaining charge will have.

Software CCleaner is able to phone you with just a few clicks to complete the optimization.

This program is designed to simplify appearance and its use is also very simple. The other thing about the program CCleaner its minimal use of hardware resources phone. Then you can get the latest version of CCleaner to get As directly from the site.


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