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Clean Master (Boost and AppLock) v5.16.7 Apk is Available !


  • The ability to lock individual applications
  • Remove and repeat the same pictures in the phone
  • Ability to clean common system junk files and unused
  • High speed RAM device
  • Processor Cooling Android devices
  • Use as a powerful antivirus and efficient
  • Increase speed Android games
  • Manage your applications run early (requires root)
  • Management applications installed on the phone
  • Support for dozens of different languages ​​and common

No doubt Application Clean Master as one of the best and perhaps even the best software in the field of optimization of Android phones is considered that the number of downloaded over 500 million times from Google Play can show and Sehati the claim . The software provides users with a wide range of excellent facilities and that continues to be discussed.

Thorough cleaning device

Clean Master software allows you to clean common system junk files without the use of mobile phones is that it gives you. With this software, you can phone those programs that have occupied RAM memory space clearing to clearing the RAM and thus increase the speed of access to the various parts. The use Clean Master to cool off the processor and RAM, the device will have.

There is also possible to delete duplicate images in the phone’s other features of Clean Master is one that increases the speed of the phone and its memory will be empty. Manage your applications run early that when you turn on the phone are automatically increases the speed and performance you will be eye-catching. Of course, to use this feature must be rooted your mobile phone.

Increase security

The application to secure you the choice of the thought. Take advantage of Clean Master as a powerful anti-virus software to combat malware threats for users is possible. The encryption feature on a private apps like SMS, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and there is no one except yourself will not have access to these programs.

For those users who are also Clean Master Android game can be very useful. This feature is included in the software through which is possible to improve the power of the phone to raise their games and will run more smoothly.

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