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CM Browser – Fast Secure v5.20.72 Apk is Available !


  • High-speed Web browsing and viewing web pages
  • Warn you when entering malicious sites
  • A download management application for your downloads
  • Ability to switch between desktop, browser
  • Has exemplary security and Nir
  • Option for storing history, cookies and passwords stored
  • Search for text
  • Adjust font size
  • Customizing bookmarks
  • Switch between search engines

CM Browser – Fast Secure Browser and well-known professionals in the field to load and view different websites. With this browser can view Web pages with lightning speed and incredible. This powerful browser security is very high and excellent. As soon as you log into a Web site that contains malicious code and problematic browser will warn you to avoid getting into that website. I have a very small volume is thirty browser also has a volume of approximately 2 Mgaabat. The browser can use to log into social networks like Facebook, Iniesta, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to be quick on the same page, use.

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