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Cold Launcher Pro v4.4 Apk is Available !


  • The ability to change into a new look and different looks
  • Freeze (disable) the application to consume less battery
  • Decreasing the activity of hardware with freezing programs
  • Ability to freeze all applications within a folder (in the version Pro)
  • Automated enforcement program after frozen out of the state (in the version Pro)
  • Freeze feature phone system apps (version Pro)
  • Resize the application icon (in the version Pro)

Cold Launcher launcher for Android phones is that in addition to the ability to change the look of your phone handset also has the ability to freeze the program. The main feature is the ability to freeze launcher can be seen that application developers will have on the long leash. The launcher is installed on rooted phones.

Freeze What’s the point?

By freeze-phone apps, applications will be virtually inactive. This will cause the applications that run in the background phones are unavailable. In this way, your cell phone battery consumption will be much less and also less pressure there will be on the phone hardware.


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