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Contacts and Dialer Pro v8.2.5 Apk is Available !


  • Ability to identify and remove duplicate contacts
  • Ability to take backup of contacts
  • Quick search by name and number
  • Quick contact with the audience who have recently used
  • Designed to be beautiful, fashionable style

One of the problems that most people have a lot of numbers that they are there on the phone. Usually, most people with a lot of the audience, some of which may be unique and large audience may cause the audience you want to spend a lot of time to find. But Simpler Contacts & Dialer app solves these problems for you. With this software, you can duplicate contacts in your phone are those that will detect and remove them.

This application allows you to search for a contact in your phone and you can quickly find just the right audience. This is done by searching for your name or contact number. Using Simpler Contacts & Dialer allows you to delete the contact that you will have saved incomplete. You can contact those that are not numbers or partial numbers to identify and remove them.

The backup of contacts in the Software Simpler Contacts & Dialer has been put to use since it can from the entire audience that in the contact list of your to backup and then if necessary to restore and use it.

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