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Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness App Pro v6.1.0.1 Apk is Available !

Yoga app for Android Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go

Pro version of the program

Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go program is very useful for those who are interested in yoga. The software can be permanent and in every time and place programs to remind you and to protect your health to be!



  • Having more than 50 different yoga postures yoga practice and more than 400
  • Having HD video and audio to communicate simple guide
  • Having seven yoga programs for beginners, fitness, weight loss, endurance, peace, balance and menstruation, etc.
  • Suitable for different levels of beginner, intermediate and professional
  • Ability to set the duration of your workout by 5 to 45 minutes.

Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go as one of the top software known worldwide yoga practice where you will see different yoga exercises. The software is designed in such a way that at all different levels, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced usable.This Android app in more than 50 different exercises along with more than 400 different pose the same exercise is included.There are HD quality video as well as voice guidance in this application will allow you to easily communicate with their education.

This application is a very good option for doing proper exercises and achieve fitness at home is considered. So if you’re looking for weight loss and fitness, we recommend in any way Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go to miss.

List of yoga classes and programs:

â–  Office Yoga to Keep Fit – Yoga, especially when you are managing to maintain fitness
â–  Yoga for a Healthy Neck – Yoga for healthy neck
â–  Yoga for Toned Arms – Hands Yoga for health
â–  Yoga for Runners – Yoga for runners
â–  Prenatal Yoga – Yoga for Pregnancy
â–  Yoga Breathing for Beginners – breathing in yoga for beginners
â–  Seated Poses for Beginners – sitting pose for beginners
â–  Lying Poses for Beginners –
â–  Standing Poses for Beginners
â–  Yoga Sequence for Beginners
â–  Yoga Meditation for Beginners – Meditation Yoga for Beginners
â–  Daily Yoga for Abs – Daily Yoga for abdominal muscles
â–  Daily Yoga for Back – Daily Yoga for the back and waist
â–  Daily Yoga for Chest – daily yoga chest muscles
â–  Daily Yoga for Butt – Daily Yoga for lower muscles
â–  Sun Salutation
â–  Standing Yoga Routine – daily yoga standing
â–  Seated Yoga Routine – daily yoga sitting
â–  Yoga for Weight Loss – Yoga for Weight Loss
â–  Yoga for Body Toning – yoga to increase muscle mass
â–  Yoga for Slim Waist – yoga for a thin waist
â–  Yoga for Slim Legs – Yoga for skinny legs
â–  Yoga During Menstruation – yoga during menstruation
â–  Slim Chance with Hatha
â–  Super Weight Loss Plan – a special weight loss program

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