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DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE v2.7.8 MOD Apk is Available !

In the light of today’s games, games that have been made in the field of zombies are amazing figures. Hundreds and likely thousands of different themes as zombies ever seen in gaming consoles and platforms is different. All people into zombies showed their interest is excited. Killing zombies is likely to appeal to everyone and talk heart of mercy and compassion in this case is practically meaningless! Because zombies can not be controlled in any way and the only way to stop them is to destroy. Although many games are offered in different styles in this area, but those can be attributed to a handful of worthy top. This article is going to introduce one of the most wonderful we have categories related to zombies.


Features :

  • Unparalleled graphics and very high detail
  • Three-dimensional design and excellent characters, weapons, vehicles, explosions, etc.
  • The gameplay is incredibly attractive, flowing and very entertaining
  • There are different types of zombies
  • There is a large head, scary and very deadly
  • The ability to buy weapons, ammunition and military equipment
  • The ability to upgrade several steps weapons
  • The portability and use two weapons at any stage
  • A fascinating and exciting story line
  • Sound is excellent
  • There are different locations and missions in the city
  • The ability to earn points and make more money with a shot to the head (Headshot) and firing sensitive (Critical Hit)

Introduction and Game DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE

About the game and check the content of the story:

DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE as one of the most attractive and most exciting mobile games studio that VNG Game Studios Vietnam and for free (with in-app payment) has been released. In the style of games involving zombies, usually there is a specific story content. But in the game DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE with a nice story line and mobile suppliers are encouraged. The story is awesome and this game has a unique identity.

2040, World War III is marked. World War bipolar spent any material assistance in any way can lead to success in the war. Countless soldiers have been killed in the war. Special forces weakened and the cost of war is soaring. All this has led to the war against America is over. But the Defense Department’s America to prevent this failure is a very dangerous decision. It seems they have no other choice. Group specializes in the field of biological sciences who are known by the name of CS Corporation, the tempting offer to the government of the day. It is also a dangerous army of prisoners by turning them into demons fatal genetic (Zombie) is.

The proposal quickly approved by Secretary of Defense America and a contract, CS should do this project. But the story is more complicated than this Hrfast … CS group to think about their own self-interested demands and in fact, they are enemies infiltrators. The government has betrayed them and they threatened to release waves of mutant zombies in the country will not work if their demands. CS Group are determined to prove to the decision, a city with zombies that are infected.

The army quickly deployed special forces to the region, but fewer of what can survive against all the zombies. They were scattered in different locations, but all except two of them have been killed or turned into zombies. One of the two men named Agent M is a special agent information. The second soldier Army Special Forces Agent M is the foremost you should not find it. In the role of the commandos have enemies alone in the wild and dangerous zombies and influence before your partner is killed, he will save.

Check graphics and gameplay:

DEAD TARGET strengths games in beautiful story, great graphics and gameplay are fascinated by its suppliers. The game’s graphics are very high level and optimized by manufacturers is perfect. This improvement has led to the highest quality in powerful machines, and the proper functioning of the details graphics hardware capability, the mid-range devices take place. But it makes the game run well on most devices, this optimization makes the game much lower.

Another important feature of the graphics have excellent lighting and sound are attractive. High style gameplay and fluidity of the frame, along with the great graphics and fun will be very attractive. Play DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE of view first-person shooter (FPS) and allows you to have accurate targeting.

Ability to use different weapons in different classification, can carry two weapons simultaneously and the ability to upgrade and equip weapons, including the most important is the gameplay. Your enemies are dangerous zombies that are at different levels. In later stages, the head of that great and very terrible can also be seen that the foot off the challenge will be difficult.

Note: the age of the game is 18+.

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