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DomiNations v5.530.535 Apk is Available !


  • To receive and collect the rewards Choose your nationality power units for individual nationalities Great Britain, Romans, Chinese, German, French, Japanese or Greek
  • Adventure in human history and become the first person in the secret technologies, such as cavalry, discovered the gunpowder and flight
  • Recruitment powerful generals of antiquity such as Alexander (Alexander), Cleopatra and Napoleon
  • Increase your reputation with the construction of the seven wonders of the world such as the temples of Egypt, the Statue of Liberty and …

Game DomiNations

Game Royal – DomiNations about the war between various empires. The interesting thing about the game DomiNations strategic view of humanity since the early days until today. This way you control the basic weapons such as spears, shields, swords and powerful modern weapons such as bombs and nuclear’ll be powerful. In this game you have your own custom civilizations and then using the same civilization before your game. Your goal in the game DomiNations destroy other civilizations by other people who are doing this game, managed.

In this game, with different ethnic groups. Each of these ethnic groups have their own unique weapons and powers. Also see the forces at each of the ethnic groups, has a unique design and are suitable with the same ethnicity. In general the existence of nationalities Great Britain, Romans, Chinese, German, French, Japanese and Greeks in this strategy game you’ll be given the skills and the power that each of them can play a distinguished do. It should be noted, however, that the creators of the game, it has been designed to have little differences among different ethnicities is not the user to select the desired ethnicity not be a problem.

Powerful leaders such as Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Hitler and the games are being used as a combat commander for each ethnicity are published and purchased power, more features and can import your army. In the game you control DomiNations human evolution from ancient times to the present day will be, and you can see the progress of mankind.

DomiNations strategic style game for fans of this genre of games has been released. The game has excellent graphics and stunning HD is. Played in various environments will never see the same environment do not play online. If you are interested in strategic online games, we recommend you do not miss DomiNations game. Then you can play directly from the site get the best of Android.

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