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Doom and Destiny Advanced v1.6.2.3 Apk is Available !


  • The story line expansion
  • Funny and gameplay mode
  • A huge world to explore the many mysteries of
  • Myths and stories of ethnic fun with crazy monsters
  • The freedom to customize heroes in each level upgrade of character
  • More than 15 different groups and classes for definite role change
  • Ability to play as different characters such as Wizard, Thief, cooking and …
  • Ability to change clothes Champions
  • Dynamic combo struggle and reaction to attacks
  • More than 150 Special Forces and Special
  • More than 200 different monsters and enemies
  • More than 500 different locations
  • More than 60,000 words and dialogue
  • The possibility of playing against friends or other players
  • Definite never die !!

In this game you grew up in a world which has witnessed an action packed game will be depicted in the form of struggle and Kombat!

You can customize your group and for multiplayer games. Game characters are talking and you will uncover the secret that will affect gameplay at your disposal, which is a very cute and funny story line runs out! Games Doom Doom & Destiny Advancedand Prevention of mold growth is the second version of the series game in style with RPG (role-playing) runs, has managed to attract many users and enhance your degree of popularity!

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Doom & Destiny Advanced (1)

Doom & Destiny Advanced (3)

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