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Door Kickers v1.0.60 MOD Apk Data is Available !

Door Kickers strategy game for Android

+ Plus version of the game mode

Perhaps you’ve had times like that instead of the SWAT and Special Forces or the missions do have a very high excitement. As you know, these forces often dangerous missions with high emotional are doing. If you also like the excitement we recommend you do not miss the game Door Kickers.



  • 80 Single-phase, 6 challenges and gameplay without limitation mode
  • More than 65 different weapons and equipment for use in the game
  • Good tactical strategic analysis for a better
  • The gameplay is very fun and interesting
  • The design is very realistic and unique

Door Kickers a very fun and engaging strategy game for Android smartphones on the Play store that also sold at relatively high prices.

In this game you take on the role of special forces or the SWAT are going to America. You should be able to give you a mission that is intended to do with success. More than 80 challenging stages and are attractive in this game, many of which include saving the lives of people or kill people usurper who should be able to have specific skills, they do successfully. Many of these missions is done using a gun and you have to shoot the various parties. Different weapons have been considered in the same game that you can choose from among them, whichever you choose you want to use them. There is also the possibility of upgrading weapons and you can earn points, to upgrade weapons and equipment apply. In this game, you can have a complete analysis on Taktyktan. This is vital in strategic games with an analysis on tactics, missions successfully refused to do more commanding.

Door Kickers game with realistic gameplay is awesome. The game also has a very attractive design that increases the realism of the game over and over. Strategic gameplay and a lot of fun Door Kickers can also entertain you for hours. Then you can get the game directly from the site ApkTops.

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