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Fallout Shelter v1.11.1 MEGA MOD Apk Data is Available !

Features :

  • Detailed graphics and suitable
  • The gameplay is fun and challenging
  • A super professional management style and strategic
  • The new recruits
  • Ability to upgrade troop levels and higher levels
  • Ability to build and establish a base for …
  • The ability to manage different sectors
  • High zoom and displays various details
  • The ability to upgrade various parts
  • The ability to increase the efficiency of the database by creating various systems
  • There is a wide range of industrial equipment and …

Game Review Fallout Shelter

Fallout series of games that gamers have the new version it is well known, as a collection of more than 10 major and minor version (DLC), which will be played from 1997 to 2015 are presented. This series of games are all in the trail, but with new content. In 2015, after 7 years of CNN’s DL Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas in 2008 for the seventh generation consoles and PC, the game creators have produced a new version of it. Fallout 4 in 2014. In mid-2015 for the eighth generation of consoles, PS4, Xbox One and PC has been released.

This time the creators of Fallout 4 with a simpler version of the game for Android and iOS platforms also have a put and call it Fallout Shelter. This version Structurally, the graphics and the gameplay is quite different console versions and the only common point between them, their content is fictional. Fallout series of games in the genre of RPG or RPG, but the first ever mobile version of the game this time in the style of management / strategic.

The story Fallout Shelter

Its strong point is the story of Fallout series of games. The intriguing story line of high excitement and players are eager to continue and keep track of the story. The story of Fallout game series the adventures of the Cold War after World War II is concerned. Where recently the governments of powerful countries like America and the Soviet military nuclear weapons and nuclear technology have found.

Military threats are interfering more and more in global peace as far as the threats of nuclear attacks in different parts of the planet is concerned. Different countries and the planet by nuclear bombs bombed an area contaminated with radiation and chemicals spread of nuclear weapons to be converted. This global catastrophe makes the whole atmosphere is filled with radioactive material and dangerous. Hence the various countries in order to reduce losses of the kind of attacks to build large caves in the ground as the Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter are the protectors of human life, and since the earth are made, the penetration of radioactive and chemical substances that block. After this disaster humans are forced to live in these caves are enormous.

Results deadly attacks remain until decades later. Just when the attack ends, the military forces of different countries to collect trophies and resources needed to attack other countries and this terrible war will continue until 2077. Now you as a commander and leader of the people responsible for managing an industrial base and you should not act. All the world’s people live in caves as Vault. You should Vault or your cave, which is characterized by a unique number management.

The gameplay Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter simulation style game management / strategic. Your task is to Vault well-managed and try to expand it. The rooms are simple in your database. You should be employing people important to do two things. First, the risk of death from starvation and abuse by radiation radioactive rescue two of them to increase productivity and expand your base. Database can be created in different parts. This strategic power, you can trace how these sectors have the ability to manage properly. Note that you need to quickly address the needs of their forces to be able to prove their efficiency and keep high.

The gameplay in the style of two-dimensional view is facing. You are able to zoom a lot of the most finely detailed pictures. The game has primary education and the first stage accompanies you to spend. In this tutorial you will learn how to work and learn what to prioritize. The game has industrial and manufacturing sectors are many. Every employee has different capabilities and can work in a particular sector.

Also, the ability to upgrade staff and various departments are also increasing the speed and quality of the work of the departments and employees. Apart from the management of industrial and military sectors, you should also consider the personal lives of their employees. You can look at the underground bases, simple and stylish living rooms to make them different couples give up on their life, and even have children.

Your except Manager, must defend your base. External and internal threats lot in this game you will be prevented. Enemy forces may surprise you to an underground base attack and loot your resources. Should be prepared for such situations. To do this, you can get various weapons and train your soldiers. The wearing of safety and protective influence of chemicals suspended in the air, you can go out and explore base and precious metals hidden fee.

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