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FIFA Mobile Soccer Full v2.2.0 Apk is Available !

Super cute and awesome FIFA Mobile Soccer

The full version without limitations
Excellent graphics and exemplary with regard to low volume
Professional fantastic gameplay in the style of games console version of FIFA
EA’s official product

When everyone’s waiting for the release of FIFA 17 by EA Mobile, and just as gamers expect FIFA 17 Ultimate Team for the Android operating system, the EA Geneva gaming unit that is responsible for the company’s mobile games, as quietly Mobile unveiled the new FIFA. This game is unlike what was thought, as FIFA 17 is not a stand-alone game to coincide with the release of FIFA 17 for game consoles, for mobile phones was released.



  • Exemplary with very high graphics details
  • Fully three-dimensional design
  • Design modeled on the movements of real players play exactly like the console versions of FIFA
  • Choice of favorite club team from Europe’s top leagues
  • The gameplay is very fun and professional football in the style evolution (exactly the same style of game FIFA)
  • Full management team
  • Full training and professional has the training and
  • There are hundreds of items, awards and other Achyvmntz·ha
  • The ability to play in the league, tournament, etc.

Introduce and review the game FIFA Mobile Soccer

As the exclusive FIFA Mobile Soccer Game company Electronic Arts game series FIFA is to coincide with the release of FIFA 17 on console game, released for mobile platforms. While all like recent years waiting for a big game and, of course, had called FIFA 17 for mobile platforms, the company’s unexpected action easier without as FIFA 17 is a game produced and released.

FIFA Mobile Soccer game built entirely according to the latest FIFA game series standards. Fantastic graphics optimizations done on this game has led to the initial size to 100 MB would not play. The appropriate size of the graphics, game design three-dimensional and realistic gameplay just like the previous version, this game is very popular and pleasant.

The Best Mobile Game Tips FIFA Soccer lets you choose your favorite club team at the beginning of the game. After selecting, training in several stages (the Tutorial), and when the game is well familiar with the style, you can not enter the main game. This games including League is Europe’s top countries. FIFA Mobile Soccer in more than 30 leagues, 650 clubs and more than 17 thousand players are designed!

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