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Fruit Ninja [MOD] v2.4.9.450508 Apk Data is Available !


  • Has very addictive gameplay and engaging
  • There are colorful graphics and stunning
  • The ability to obtain new record
  • Compare your records with other people
  • There are different fruit crop
  • Has excellent HD graphics

Fruit NinjaNinja woman

A very fun and addictive game for Android where you play the role of a young boy who will be a ninja.

By this young boy a sword and your task is to help him to Trim fruits. Fruit Ninja Fruit on the bottom screen of the phone that you should be able to immediately use the sword that you check them to be cut. But one thing you should note is that you should watch out for bombs. Among the fruits that are in the game you can see, there are bombs that sword you shall deal with them.

The hardest thing in the game is the same. Because of colorful fruits black bombs and identify it is a bit difficult. But if you remember so well together, you can also notice the presence of bombs in fruits and be careful not to hit them with your sword.

Fruit Ninja Android can be a Games record to take into account that the standard user privileges based on the record that during the game independently. In fact, the more time you can stay in the game and more fruit into halves, the record you more.

If you’ve never tried so far Fruit Ninja, we suggest you do not miss it. If you have previously played Fruit Ninja install and use, the new version of the game can continue to receive a direct link from the site.

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