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Glimmer luminous alarm clock Premium v2.0.14 Apk is Available !


  • Has the ability to activate the Night Mode (Disable voice and … to sleep)
  • Playing music to sound alarms
  • WARNING time to go to bed
  • Ability to set the sleep cycle.
  • Background configurable alarms
  • And …

Naturally Application Software obvious and needs no explanation but interesting feature of this software over other software alarms is that when you clock application to wake you choose at the beginning of this application a few minutes earlier than the time alarms page your Android phone without any clear sound and then the light will increase as possible as this stage is due to the darkness of the environment, for example, in the early morning hours easily wake up alarm and the sound of your phone those around you from sleep not long.

But if you do not light up the software gradually and with the early wake-up alarm and the sound of birds also play for you and eventually rusts so be sure that every human being is a heavy sleep wake up. The software is also able to understand the day and hour of the night and adjusts itself accordingly.

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