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Google Allo v11.0.022_RC10 Apk is Available !


  • Replying to SMS messages automatically
  • Ability to add shapes to text messages
  • Stickers are very spectacular
  • Resizable text
  • Meet Google Personal Assistant
  • Private, encrypted chat

Google Allo service that Google recently launched to compete with their rivals. As you know, many years, Google has several software to compete with other messaging solution that many of them failed and will certainly not be said that this program could resounding success to obtain and because it was also perhaps somewhat less work and Google. But after years of Google with a “hello” wants to compete with rivals for more serious looking and provide unique features, users into its own.

One of the main features of Google Allo Messenger allows you to automatically respond to SMS are. When you’re chatting with your friends, your chat program creates an internal database and call your friends are evaluated. After a short time, “hello” to be able to answer that already have a call a cause to be smart messages by friends are responding to the need for manual intervention to respond to messages are not.

Google security Allo, according to Google, is very high. This software is a very powerful tool for the encryption and secure messaging uses. However, it is also quite natural. There is no doubt that behind the big and successful companies such as Google, there should not be any security breach. We suggest that for once the plum used by Google Apps and therefore the usefulness of this software to share with friends!

Note: To identify the type of DPI your Android phone software CPU-Z help

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