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Google Hangouts v15.0.141104777 Apk is Available !


  • Invite friends to join the group up to 100 people
  • Ability to send photos, maps, forms emoji, Astkyr and …
  • The ability to make video conferences up to 10 people
  • Call any phone number worldwide
  • Connect to your Google Voice account for telephones, SMS and voice mail
  • In connection with the users operating system Android, IOS web and the ability to sync with all your devices
  • Send a message to a friend at any time even when they are offline

Hangouts can be used as a messenger into account that it will be possible to communicate with other people.

Using Google Hangouts app can communicate with other people pay for voice and text. Messenger allows you to create groups of hundreds in there and you can invite your friends to create a group. When chatting allows you to send multimedia files such as photos and stickers and GIF images is provided in the program. Also, you can proceed to creating video conferences with up to 10 people and simultaneously as a panel, connect with each other.



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