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GravityBox Apk is Available !


  • Interchangeable lock screen image to the desired image
  • The transparent display screen lock screen and home screen as lock screen
  • Ability to put shortcuts of apps and games used with the camera shutter key
  • Turn off the screen without having to touch a button and only double-quick page
  • Set a screen rotation lock screen with accelerometer sensor
  • Ability to add custom message to display, the screen lock screen
  • Add quick settings page Navigation bar
  • Show the amount of traffic sent and received in Status Bar
  • Increase or decrease the brightness of the display by touching the status bar length
  • Set the color to the desired color and the ability to change the status bar clock color on all pages
  • The ability to change color icons display battery status and signal status or change them completely
  • Changing the battery charging icon has 7 default icon
  • Ability to hide full time or transfer it to the phone’s status bar
  • Ability to add second hand to the clock
  • Show days and months (date) in the phone’s clock
  • Add menu to display HD video
  • Put alert notification drain the battery and charger to connect with


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