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Greenify Donate v3.4.2 Apk is Available !

Grynyfay on Lifehacker’s as one of the best apps of 2013 is well known and we recommend you have it installed on your phone.

Greenify intelligent and optimized for operation need to be routed, but if your phone is routed according to the manufacturer can still disposal of the program, but this feature is still experimental in the neighborhood.

just for information :

Renew my Phone software Grynyfay has been dubbed the first day you bought your Android phone as fast and high-speed and low consumption!

important points:

  • Before installing the new version must remove the old version first.
  • This application requires the installation and activation Akspvzd module is Grynyfay.
  • TitaniumBackup Pro software programs and software because of the ability to Freeze Task Killer and management Greenify Autostarts with overlapping and prevents the proper functioning of the program, so it is best to remove these programs because they do not have to.
  • This app does not have a patch by Lucky Pjr as well on Android Runtime Android KitKat works.
  • After installing the app Greenify run the program that you want to add Hibernate to go to the list of programs and finally select zzz programs go to bed!

How to enable Grynyfay program modules:

  1. To activate the application program module Xposed Installer to download and install.
  2. Run the program, go to the Framework.
  3. Click on install / update key to the program is installed and your phone restarts.
  4. Xposed run the program again and uncheck the Greenify Modules enabled.

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