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Home and Lock Widget v8.0.1 Apk is Available !


  • A very high customization capabilities and high flexibility
  • Having Panel and the Yahoo weather forecast weather and it
  • Small weather widget on the phone’s lock screen
  • New feeds and RSS feed reader panels for the construction of the internal paper
  • Panel calendar Show events that are scheduled to occur
  • Backup and restore settings widget

Version Features Pro:

  • Having extra widgets (weather forecast, calendar, clock)
  • Custom actions for hours, displaying weather and calendar
  • Change Panel hours Show weather
  • Changing the look of analog clock
  • View a monthly calendar on the way
  • Color Calendar and Events Calendar
  • Place the widget in the background
  • View news feeds and Twitter
  • Screen Saver and beautiful dream
  • The status bar notifications for weather
  • Support for Android smart watches

Widgets can give you very fast access. Some widgets are available exclusively for specific applications that are used for the same application. But the other widgets that are available to the public for general use are. For example, widgets such as clock, calendar, weather, etc. are public and can meet the needs of the public. Widgets are popular and many people use them. If you’re also enthusiasts and users widget, we recommend no Chronus Pro – Home & Lock Widget miss.

Chronus Pro – Home & Lock Widget Android is a complete set of widgets which you can simply consider any widget that you have on your phone or change the lock screen. Various widgets and various applications are included in this package you will have the ability to customize them. There are even widgets to customize colors and you can change the widgets according to your personal taste.

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