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IP Cam Viewer Pro v6.1.9 Apk is Available !

Control CCTV cameras with IP Cam Viewer

With more than 500 thousand purchase from Google Play

These days, the use of CCTV cameras in places of commercial, residential and different offices that have installed security cameras Khvdd. But have you ever happened to you that your CCTV cameras from another location you have control over? For example, suppose you want to travel and attached cameras in your home remote control in case a thief to get into your house, so you can aware of this issue the necessary measures to do that.



  • SSL and HTTPS encryption capabilities for security, privacy
  • It supports various video formats such as RTSP, H.264, MPEG4 and ONVIF
  • Different view cameras by accident, arrange and …
  • Support widget for easy access and easier
  • Locking feature on the application for lack of others
  • You can save and share videos recorded by cameras
  • The ability to control all sorts of places, even on and off the lights and shut the doors open test

IP Cam Viewer Pro is a powerful program for Android smartphones that use it will be possible to control and monitor CCTV cameras. The software will ask you for the IP CCTV cameras by entering the IP can through their mobile phones, cameras installed to control and monitor. You can password on IP Cam Viewer Pro wish to put to no one except yourself will not have access to the program. Having a dedicated widget for quick access to the IP Cam Viewer Pro IP Cam Viewer Pro is another feature of the program is that you can use it to access the app from the home screen.

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