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Kickerinho World v1.3.22 MOD Apk is Available !


  • Learn 34 different trick
  • Test your skills in 650 challenging
  • Excellent HD graphics experience
  • Challenging friends against other teams
  • Visit Paris, New York, Dubai and Shanghai
  • Customize your character and unlock dozens of balls

Introduce and review the game Kickerinho World

Kickerinho Brazilian boy named main character marks. In this Android game you have to help Kykrynv to be able to learn more skills to become a professional footballer. For this purpose, you have to teach various skills during the game, you can do so Kykrynv to become a professional footballer. It needs to control ball movements such as flapping, head banging and dramatic gestures to be able to do properly. 34 different dramatic movement in this game that have all learned them and you can do them correctly and with high speed. Your skills will be tested in 650 different challenges to play to make sure that all of them have learned well.

In previous versions of this game, there is only one main character in the game. It was the same character Kickerinho. But in the new version that you have prepared now seen several different characters, including male and female’ll be. You will have the possibility to among the available characters, select the desired character. The ability to customize the appearance of selected character exists, and can customize the appearance of the character according to your taste. In Kickerinho World can also challenge your friends skills. To do this, you need an Internet connection and you’d have to like the same game installed on your phone so that you can compete with each other and to compare Amtyaz·haytan.

Kickerinho World has stunning HD graphics and game are excellent. The game is designed so spectacular and you’ll be seeing a very high level of detail. Sound this game very professionally done and very exciting sounds during game play control will thrill the increase will be played. If you are interested in playing sports we offer in no way “the world Kykrynv” miss.

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