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King of Thieves v2.14 Apk is Available !

Dzdshah strategy game King of Thieves

With over 10 million downloads from Google Play

Along with the official trailer of the game

Note that this is done online game

Probably the name of the famous game Cut The Rope heard. This game is a product of the studio ZeptoLab that has been released for smartphones and has so many fans. It also introduced another game studio ZeptoLab have fun playing games likeCut the Rope is. The game is called King of Thieves and has a very high popularity among users to obtain.



  • There are various stages and so much fun
  • Stealing from other thieves and become the greatest thief
  • A fun and very addictive gameplay
  • Designed with stunning graphics and HD

Introduce and review the game King of Thieves

King of Thieves name of the game fun and engaging with the subject is new to Android. A game in which you have to steal from other thieves go. The game has been designed on this basis you should be able to steal other people’s gold and the careful who you Ndzdd gold. If you could go the same way, no doubt more points you earn. Kimberly Mansell, of course, the game is not designed in this way that no one can steal from you and since the game’s audio is done online, so no doubt people will be more likely to rob you and you have to expect this.

In this game you take on the role of a black cube (blue) you will be the main role of the black cube plays the same game. You have to steal gold from other users at any level path during the course of this path there is too much risk that you will threaten.Some of these threats can be obstacles, protector, blades, guns and so on. In principle, each of these barriers is designed by the player who will rob you check them; in other words you can also be a barrier to the path that leads to the treasure you have access to your treasure is not difficult . Note that if you want robbed after less exposed, should be designed to track obstacles that are difficult to dismiss it. Note that you will design your own path barriers and the higher you go the better and more powerful obstacles you will have also the possibility to buy the game in addition to the more difficult, the more attractive will.

Perhaps the King of Thieves loot in the game Clash Of Clans is very similar to the famous game. The King of Thieves steal you need to do so in the standings to become the king of thieves. During the game there is the possibility of making piracy groups so you can do more simple theft.

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