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KLWP KWGT Maker Pro v3.24b710209 Apk is Available !


  • There are pre-made work for inspiration
  • Join wrote with fonts, colors, sizes and custom filters
  • Various geometric shapes
  • Three-dimensional effects for Entries
  • Shadows, color adjustment, scanning and …
  • Take advantage of the phone’s images in Live Wallpapers
  • Showing notifications in the status bar
  • Support for Google Apps fitness

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker program to design and build live wallpapers in the phone. With this program you can create your taste Live wallpapers very spectacular. The software is designed in such a way that with the help of which you can associate any type of Wallpaper in mind the simplicity of the design and use it on your phone’s home screen. You can use your own photos for wallpaper in the Wallpaper Live Wallpapers use to create your suits.

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