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Kosmik Revenge v1.5.2 Apk Data is Available !

The latest version of Android Kosmik Revenge game

Defend the galaxy space with a vengeance!

Kosmik Revenge fast shooting a beautiful game in style inspired by the old games but with attractive graphics and challenging stages! With its countless enemies and fight your way to find sources of meteorites find!


The game has the old style but with professional sound and graphics, this game gives you such a feeling you will not lose it! In this game you have to fight your space enemies and upgrade your ship and go to the next level!

Features :

  • Shoot down hordes of space ships and classic games are 2 types of games daily!
  • HD graphics with beautiful effects such as refusing to move aircraft – Image post processing, accelerometer, 3D, flick the screen and more
  • Disintegrating meteors and find the resources to upgrade ships and power.
  • 8 of the fifth wave at each step is significant most difficult!
  • Connect to Facebook to compete with friends and view their scores!
  • Supports Google Play Gymz
  • Support services MOGA / MOGA PRO, Gametel, NVIDIA SHIELD

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