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MacroDroid Pro – Device Automation v3.16.0 Apk is Available !

Automatically perform actions on the phone with MacroDroid

Premium features Unlocked

MacroDroid – Device Automation Application Software and is popular for Android phones that uses it possible to automate many tasks you have in your Android mobile phones. It supports different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish are also supported.



  • Upload the last picture taken on the phone by shaking the phone
  • Wi-Fi internet scripting or data by opening a special program with the ability to shutdown the cases mentioned by closing the program
  • Reply to incoming SMS by sending your current location when
  • You can change the effectiveness of the phone’s power button for telling the time
  • Ability to use NFC tags to configure the device (such as turning off Bluetooth, volume, etc.)

Many of the programs that are available for mobile phones, you have a duty to make things easier to do an operation that you want the phone so much easier to accomplish.

MacroDroid is one of those programs that can have a significant impact in the field and your work with mobile phones that simplify In addition, as well as increase the speed of. With this program you can do many things that are common, the software automatically earn my MacroDroid then they automatically do that for you. No doubt this can have a huge impact on ease your work.

MacroDroid also work with software is very simple and just that part that you want to put on automatic mode.

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