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Mafia III: Rivals v1.0.0.215779 Apk Data is Available !

And criminal role-playing game Mafia III: Rivals

Excellent graphics and beautiful music

Action and RPG gameplay with great facilities

Note: To run properly, but the original data (file OBB) need to get information and data is separate from the game as well.

To steal, kill and take control of the city of Bordeaux in the third game Mafia! Mafia III: Rivals new series of games known as the Mafia is known by the company that recently 2k Games for multiple platforms including Windows and Android releases Is.Game Mafia 3: Rivals is a new type of combat role to be displayed in the harsh world of madness that runs the Mafia. In Mafia 3 You have your band, made up of criminals and thugs are dangerous not collect names of Bordeaux’s great to take control of the city.

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Features :

  • Collect and upgrade skill levels, 40 different criminal gang boss
  • Opposition and struggle with rival groups and gangs in RPGs
  • Equip your troops with weapons, all kinds of knives, armor, brass knuckles and different car
  • Fight with players around the world to prove the criminal nature of the Premier
  • Control different areas to get bonuses and more money
  • More than 40 different characters with a wide range of different weapons
  • Great graphics with beautiful music and many other features

About the game Mafia III Rivals

Play Mafia III: Rivals Unlike most other games where you control the hero or different heroes to take responsibility for a character or protagonist (positive role) appear to be, is not. Mafia However, even in the role of Vito Corleone (The Godfather) for antagonist (negative effect) appears that is not too far from reason and reality and shows the true essence of the Mafia.

In the game Mafia 3: competitors should not expect that you’ll get to be a positive role, but also become the head of a family (the same band or group) of any crime and criminals will not hesitate. You have your characters with weapons, items of equipment and machines to have control over the trade in local areas. You should continue to grow in strength to undertake control of the entire city and …

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