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Major Gun: war on terror v3.7.7 MOD Apk is Available !

The game is very exciting and entertaining Major Gun

Fancy graphics and spectacular
Action popular first-person shooter style gameplay of view (FPS)
Presentation of Polish byss mobile studio
The regular version + version mode

Style FPS stands for First Person Shooter, the first-person shooter is undoubtedly one of the top 3 video game style so far has been from the beginning. In this style of game players in the role of the main character and the character’s eyes, the game will follow. That is why, in FPS games focus on design, design and simulation are their weapons. Major Gun game is very popular and fun of this game Endless Arcade Gun Shooter is attractive in style. This game is a product of byss mobile studio.


Features :

  • Amazing design and spectacular
  • High-detailed graphics
  • Dynamic and very fun gameplay in the style of Action / FPS
  • Global comfortable with challenging gameplay
  • There are dozens of heavy firearms in a different classification
  • Ability to upgrade weapons
  • There are a variety of enemies including soldiers, dogs and boss
  • Usability of items and special forces

Introduction and Game Major Gun: war on terror

Without a doubt, beautiful and popular game Major Gun or heavy weapons for FPS gamers want games will be engaging and fun. The beautiful game by country Poland byss mobile studio in the style of Action / FPS has been developed. Model in the style of the game is actually fun Endless Arcade Gun Shooter’s shooting style is infinite.

Major Gun in the game you play as a Special Forces troops to destroy terrorist bases of state who has been appointed. You have to shoot at enemies with firearms and all of them get killed. The game also because of the heavy weapons in different classes selected. Heavy weapons from several different weapons in the game can each produce and promote their manager.

Your enemies including soldiers, dogs are dangerous and chairman of the Dravrdnshan challenge will be memorable. Fantasy game graphics are smooth and make it easier to optimize it and scripting has been followed. Also in the gameplay, dynamic and attractive system, you will be entertained for a long time. Major Gun to shoot at the goal in the shortest time possible and destroy your enemies. Bring more demanding, more points will be recorded.

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