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MediaMonkey v1.2.0.0621 Apk is Available !


  • Allowing for wireless syncing with the Windows version Mdyamanky. With the ability to use playlists, tracks, videos, including: information, scores, lyrics, history, and broadcast in sink
  • Content Management music, old music, audio books, Prvdkst, Video
  • Sort by artist, album, compressed, playlists, etc., with support for multiple features
  • Sort by folder
  • Play any file supported by your device (use system codecs)
  • The sleep timer
  • Bookmark the large files
  • Media access and download files from servers UPnP / DLNA
  • Edit settings for single files or multiple files
  • Playlist management hierarchy

MediaMonkey is a very powerful program to manage music on the phone. As you know Aplykshyn has so many fans is the version under Windows and Android version is also available for the people to participate in their phones, allowing management of your audio files has to be perfect have. Mdyamanky using the program, you will have the possibility to manage all aspects of your audio files. This app allows you to find a song much easier and easier. MediaMonkey program will have the ability to play files. The software supports most audio formats and is able to perform high quality music files into the phone.


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