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Memorado – Brain Games v1.10.0 Apk is Available !


  • Ability to customize the configuration of daily workouts based on your skills
  • Over 300 levels of fun in 10 games to practice five key parts of the brain, including memory, logic, concentration and reaction speed
  • Stunning graphics with very simple and easy usability
  • There is a scientific experiment regularly with the ability to display levels of brain development
  • View Statistics to view the strengths and potential of a person
  • The ability to enhance individual skills for life such as math and problem solving and reasoning

Memorado – Brain Games includes games and exercises that allow you to strengthen your brain will think that. It’ll be different in the game that are designed to challenge your brain as well. Practice that will be displayed to you based on your skills that meet the program you earned. Also on the program will be to see different statistics and graphs your progress during the period that you use the app displays the.


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