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Microsoft Cortana v1.9.10.1315 Apk is Available !

Microsoft Cortana Cortana for Android voice assistant for Android

The new and final version of Google Play

As Microsoft had promised, Cortana – Cortana after the operating system IOS for Android OS is released, this time on ApkTops you have prepared it. The more you’ll be familiar with Cortana.


  Cortana – Cortana What?

Those who have used Windows Phone, you know that Kurt as a personal assistant in this series of mobile phones and on Windows Phone 8.1 and above installed. Cortana software by Microsoft to compete with Apple’s Siri or Google Now Google applications, is supplied.

Cortana is powered by Bing search engine will display the results that you will receive from the search engine.

Using Cortana and through voice commands allow text typing, texting, create a new binding, appointment registration, registration and will have the desired alarm time. Of course, Cortana long time not been released, so no doubt still room for improvement!

Cortana ability to set reminders, voice recognition user without having to enter preset commands and can also answer user questions, such as weather, traffic, sports scores or with the help of Bing’s biography.

Regional Cortana and your voice can all language, culture and speech patterns match and adapt, for example, the UK version of Cortana speaks with a British accent and uses terminology British. Cortana adapt to fit the user’s requirements and relevant information on a regional basis, such as local team, business, TV series and shows.

Understanding the environment:

When Cortana’s first Android phone to run the program, we will view the following pages:



To be able to get on the phone’s Cortana for Android installation process, you will need a Microsoft account. This item is for Microsoft to facts and figures about the fact that what operating system you have installed Cortana, is complete.

Cortana for Android 3

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