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Minions Paradise v11.0.3403 MOD Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Details graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Style action / adventure with strategic elements
  • Phil playing the role of character
  • Mignon manage all the different things to do
  • Various celebrations
  • The ability to surf at the beach, sea and …

About the game Minions Paradise

Minions Paradise game Minions Movie modeled on the movie and its main focus is mignon binge characters. The game by EA for Android and iOS platforms have been introduced. You play the role of Mignon especially the character Phil ye and your task is to manage all mignon.

If the animation studio Illumination Entertainment Despicable Me 1 and Despicable Me 2’ve seen made, make sure you’re familiar with the character Minion. The characters are playful and often funny clumsy gestures they made many fans. The popularity of the company Universal Pictures to take up again with another animation studio Illumination Entertainment to rebuild pay for these characters. But this time the story is a little different …

In the previous two parts of this animation, the main characters were humans or minivans are rather than as the lead role, had a minor role. Now the film Minions Movie this time the whole story revolves around characters revolve mignon. In this funny and sometimes dangerous adventure film mignon are addressed. Game Minions Minions Paradise also modeled the movie, follows the same focus.

Check the content of gameplay Minions Paradise

In this game you’re in the role of Phil and actually Mignon leader, with other friends during the holiday travel voyage to the island beautiful and pristine. This beautiful island called Paradise can be mignon. Since then mignon in this place and just toot toot their need to manage it! You have the task of managing them and the various departments.

The game in the genre of Action / Adventure and Casual (Casual) has been released, but the main elements and strategic game similar to the view. Management gameplay and strategic power demand. Among the other characters of the game Kevin, Stuart and Bob are. You can not celebrated in the game Minions Paradise, to surf, coastal recreation like skiing with crocodiles do …


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