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Move to iOS v2.10.0 Apk is Available !

No doubt the introduction of a program called Move to iOS on Play Store ! Perhaps most Android users are averse to the taste. In particular, this software is also introduced by Apple. As a result of this work has obtained a score of 1.8 with about 40 thousand votes by users. More on Play Store users who will see this program were to rate it 1 star out of 5 stars have been fast to its severe criticism.

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According to Apple using the Move To IOS and the Android 4.0+, you can simply do the transfer process. Suffice it to first install the application on your Android phone and then transfer operations to begin accepting application protocols. For this code at your disposal will be the need to code on your Android phone has arrived, and then the phone via HotSpot WiFi to connect to and transfer information such as SMS, contacts, photos and videos , browser bookmarks, mail accounts and … the iPhone, will start.

The more complete tutorial using this app for users who want to transfer your information to IOS and Android operating systems also have prepared.

Full training program using the Move to IOS:

Before doing anything note that you must be at least 4.0 and Android version of IOS 9.0 on your iPhone. At the start of transfer operations that have Wi-Fi besides both phones are turned on, both phones must be connected to the electric charge. If your device is already set up, you’ll need to delete and re-launch your device. If you wish to transfer your bookmarks, browser should update your browser to the latest version available.


After you’ve downloaded Move to iOS app, install it on your Android device. When launching the iPhone to stage Move to iOSApps & Data option to choose from. Note that this option only exists in the operating system IOS 9.0. Run the app installed on Android to iPhone with a Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to each other. After connecting, check the option Continue on your iPhone to a 10-digit code to be displayed. Ten-digit code on Android phone, then enter the information you want to transfer them to pick up the work to be done.

After the transfer of data options to choose Done, and then click Continue Setting Up Option on your iPhone. Note that transition period, depending on the size of your information.

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