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Movie Creator v4.5.B.0.2 Apk is Available !


  • Making clips of videos and photos after taking pictures or recording videos
  • Automated manufacturing capability clips of videos and photos as you take them
  • Notify you after making auto Clips
  • The ability to manually select videos and photos to create Video
  • Ability to edit video in a story like
  • Sharing videos simply as possible!

Editing tools:

  • The ability to change title
  • Remove or change the unwanted scenes
  • Add notes
  • Change the background music
  • Change filters Video
  • Change how to display videos

Movie Creator is a professional and powerful tool for Android smartphones that helps one to create video clips will be spectacular. This software is able to take photos and videos in the handset that you create spectacular video clips. This software can automatically build Video Clips of photos and videos you have taken it. There will also be the ability to create clips manually and there is no requirement that you set out to create video clips automatically apply. The ability to share videos on social networks or IM applications are also so your friends can also view videos made by you.


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