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Notification Toggle Premium v3.6.6 Apk is Available !

But perhaps this capability does not exist in your phone and you’ll be interested to access this feature on your mobile phone. If so, you can use the Notification Toggle Premium app. The program can simulate it for you in the status bar to your mobile phone simply put the shortcuts that you want.

In this way, by swiping your finger down from the top menu you will open that contains shortcuts added by yourself that provide instant access to your will. By this program you can key sectors such as WiFi, Bluetooth, data, sound management and with the programs and games that you like to simply add the status bar on your phone. It also lets you customize the color and the environment will be.

Notification Toggle sectors that are supported by the program include:

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Sound / Vibration, Sound / Silent, Sound menu
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen
  • Set the duration to stay on screen
  • Rotate the screen
  • Wake lock
  • Flight mode.
  • Internet data
  • NFC
  • Flashlight (requires “TeslaLED”)
  • Sync synchronization and current
  • Playing music management
  • Advanced Wi-Fi settings
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth visibility settings
  • Location
  • Mobile data settings
  • Using Internet data
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Move to the next wallpaper (need to install the program “Wallpaper Changer”)
  • Lock (requires “Delayed Lock”)
  • Ability to turn off or restart the phone (requires root)
  • Personal apps and shortcuts


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