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Offline dictionaries pro v3.4.5 Apk is Available !


  • No need Internet to translate words
  • Having different dictionaries in different languages
  • Advanced search functionality within custom dictionary to find words
  • Get continuous updates to add new words

Perhaps the “Dictionary” as one of the most important and most used applications of mobile phones named. This software can be used anywhere. When you are reading the text it is understood that words or sentences you can simply use the dictionary, translate it. But one of the problems that most programs have a dictionary, is online at work and have an internet connection to use them. But maybe you’re in a place that you may not use the Internet or not the antenna to be able to establish an Internet connection. If you find that something is wrong and you are looking for a program that uses its dictionary to translate words to offline mind, we recommend you do not miss Dictionary Offline dictionaries!

Using Offline Offline dictionaries can translate different words. This application requires an Internet connection to perform translations to and this can be one of the main strengths of Nqat named!

Offline dictionaries is a collection of dictionaries from all over the world in different languages ​​such as English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Korean support. That will help you a lot to text that has been written in several languages ​​to translate simply using the same software.

In this dictionary you will have the possibility to search the word. The dictionary gives the possibility to our users so that they can among all words in the dictionary, the word that considers the search field to easily find it and for it to have written means. It is also worth noting that saw continuous updates for Offline dictionaries will be added to the database new words!

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