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OneNote v16.0.7466.1778 Apk is Available !

OneNote digital note-taking app

Released by Microsoft

More than 500 million downloads from the Play Store

A lot of times you may have been caused by the need to record something immediately to prevent it from being forgotten but due to lack of available paper and pens This topic has been forgotten. As you know, cell phones today means that a lot of times you have to be permanent. You can install applications on the phone taking notes, whenever you want, simply submit your fashion notes!



  • The ability to capture notes anywhere, anytime
  • Ability to organize notes
  • Ability to search in the notes
  • Adjust font, color and thickness written
  • Attach a photo and audio notes
  • Ability to create a shopping list for when buying
  • Share notes registered

Very likely already heard OneNote app name. As you know, “one note” is known as one of the company’s products among users, is used for many years. The software recorded on digital notes can be used as a powerful assistant. With this app you can at any time by simply notes that in mind and care about the record is to prevent them from being forgotten. This software allows you full organize notes that during the short time their number is increasing. You can search through your notes with a simple, note that the look of the right. Ability to add photos and videos to be attached notes are also to have the full notes.

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