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PES 2017 v0.1.0 Apk Data is Available !

Fantastic professional and attractive game PES 2017

Exemplary with excellent graphic detail
The gameplay is similar professional and console versions
Product reputable company KONAMI
Note: Currently the game only runs on Android 5.0 and above!

In the video game industry, company name KONAMI is undoubtedly one of the most popular names. The Japanese company has produced football game Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES’s been very popular over the past decade. Although KONAMI’s rival company EA also has improved greatly in recent years, but still a lot of gamers are fans of PES series. Konami after a decline in popularity during the last few years, decided to also offer mobile version of PES 17 version. In this article we introduce the game PES 2017 for Android operating system.


Features :

  • Excellent graphics and exemplary
  • Very high detail and professional design
  • Output 60 frames per second
  • Professional and realistic gameplay similar to the console versions
  • Ability to perform a variety of movements such as football, short pass, long pass, dribble, cross, shot curled and …
  • There are club teams and national
  • There are representatives of the Iranian Premier League
  • With the stage and single
  • Has online multiplayer
  • Ability to play offline and local (via Bluetooth)
  • Ability to manage teams in various sectors
  • The ability to benefit from the strategy team and …
  • There leagues, tournaments and …

Introduce and review the game PES 2017

When it comes to just two games of the football game PES and FIFA will consider. PES series for more popular in recent years because it had a strong presence on all consoles, gamers were more interesting. Of course, reducing the efficiency of this series of games with not very satisfactory changes in recent versions, the game postponed from its main rival. Unfortunately, common mistakes that have long existed in this version, the new version can also be seen.

No doubt the name is meaningless and wrong investment teams and players, the absence of some of the world’s best leagues like the Bundesliga league games and are completely and lack of updates over the last transfer window, including the worst forms of the PES series is. On the other hand, the FIFA game controls are updated each year becomes more and more leagues and teams find their way each year to FIFA. Even FIFA women’s football has been embedded in new versions, but PES still plays in this place.

These issues aside, the video game series, PES has always been his language. This unique design graphics in PES 2017 is also well respected. Graphic detail play game demos so high that at first glance might confuse it with real football. Konami has tried to make use of this process in its mobile version. Game PES 2017 after 5 years of last presence in mobile gaming series PES, again with the hopes of gaining more satisfaction gamers is back in the race. The mobile version of PES 2017 has been greatly elements to be considered original.

In PES 2017 you can choose between dozens of club and national team (including representatives like club, Steel, Tractor and Iran) Select different teams in different competitions such as competition, tournament, online and Company do. One of the advantages of the mobile version of PES 2017 FIFA game, the FIFA Mobile Soccer possible for local play via Bluetooth.

Note: This game has not been released yet from the Konami officially. Version ahead, the game is a trial version and may contain bugs and problems and not run properly on some devices. Also note that this version is only for Android now is above 5.0.

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